The Crate Label Museum (CLM) project came into focus in June 2000 as a need found within the advertising art and crate label collecting communities. American crate labels depict not only the history of its agricultural, but also the history of its commercial art. There are a few good books available about these subjects, but at the time this site was being developed there was not a gallery type site designed to support what visual information may be available.

Under Construction!!

In 2018 a complete CLM website rebuild on a new platform began. This is not an easy task and not without financial burden. Please consider donating to this site and/or supporting our sponsor, CrateArt.com. We have many new label additions to add to our growing database and hope to have this project completed by December 2019. We will continue to add new additions after the rebuild has been completed, so do bookmark us and visit often to see what is new.

The new rebuild has brought some changes that have been challenging. At the time of this writing, the search function is not to our liking even though we have spent more time and money on it than we thought necessary. Bear with us as we will find a solution once the database has been fully updated and the images have been rebuilt for the new platform.

Update: 4/6/19

A new search function has been implemented. Currently over 39,000 search terms have been indexed and we are not even at our halfway point of uploading data and images into the database. Stay tuned as we tweak the Apple and Orange categories on the new gallery and lightbox platform. If you look at the Lemon category, you will see the old gallery platform that we have been busy replacing and testing with the new. Stay tuned!

Update: 3/24/19
Currently we are switching to a different gallery and lightbox platform. The initial gallery and lightbox build began running too slow as the database grew. The Apple category is near completion (will continue to be updated as new images are brought in) and is built with the new code. We hope to have the CLM completely rebuilt by June 2019. Thank you for your patience and support!

Update: 10/24/18
Our physical location was affected by Hurricane Michael. We lost power and had to spend a week cleaning up the property, but now the lights are back on and we have returned to updating the database. The current strategy is to work straight across the categories from Apple to Canada.

The Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Pear categories have been updated to about 85% before the move to the new platform. We are finding some images are not being accepted between the different databases, and they will be reprocessed once all the categories get filled. Currently re-working the Orange category because it has many new additions that need to be entered into the database. This work is being performed between regular work schedules. Thank you for your support!

Volunteer & Donor Wall

The following people and businesses have contributed to this site. Volunteers and donors help with programming, historical research, graphic design, image inclusion, monetary support and more. If your name does not appear here and it should, please contact us. If a donor has a link to their website, please consider visiting it. Thank you to all the donors for your contributions to this website and for helping to preserve this form of American agricultural history and commercial art.

Anonymous Donors
Darlene Almeda
Lindsey Brown
Blaine Carian
Hugh Coachman
Jean Holifield
Scott Kizzia
Gary Lykins
Barbara Mlady
Frank Murray
Dwyane Rogers
Susan Ryan
Will Smith
Victoria Watson

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